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Choosing the right time and the right colors

Many Home owners have the conflict on when is the right time to make home improvements. Most of them might think that they don't have the budget or that the property "looks fine" for either painting, maintenance power washing, exterior repairs or just to add value to the property.

Truth is, the more one waits to get anything done around the property the easier it deteriorates, looses value and the more costly it is to give it an uplifting look.

For example, if you have a full stucco house it is recommended to wash your home at least once a year, this keeps mold, dust and the effects of the sun from damaging your stucco. Washing not only "hydrates" your exterior walls but also freshens up the painting job that your house has. Is it costly? NO! power washing usually ranges between $250.00-$350.00 depending on the size of your home. Giving your home a power washing not only saves you money on maintenance but also keeps your home from severe cracking, paint fading, and can provide you with a real time look at the condition your home is at the moment.

For wood or siding homes- which are more sensitive to damage, termite destruction, dry rot, cracking and peeling- it is recommended to also wash at least once yearly. Like stucco wood needs hydration, it keeps the wood in healthy in condition and saves you some money- in some cases, in terminate treatment. It can wash off all mold that tries to adhere onto the wood from the rain or from the daily morning dew.

It doesn't take a big budget to keep a good maintenance around your property. In Johnny's Custom Painting we specialize in providing customer with easy-scheduling, low cost maintenance for all our customers to save money in their home needs.

If you have already decided that it is now time to give your home a new look, this might bring a little tension and stress your way because you will definitely want the perfect combination of colors. It keeps getting harder when you consider so many styles, colors, textures and what is in style. But don't worry- everything keeps getting easier, in Johnny's Custom Painting we work with the best painting companies in the market, for Example for exterior painting projects we highly recommend Dunn Edwards Paints. This paint store offers customers free appointments with color specialist to help you get along with your color choosing process. One tip that we give our customers is to stick on to three colors, it is easier to decide between 3 than between 5, 6, 7, 8, or 9!

Always keep in mind that you are allowed to choose, mix and match as many colors and styles you desire, however most people stick with the traditional 2 colors- one for the body of the house and one for the trim, facia and eves. How you want your house to look lays in your hands, we are here to help, listen and advise depending on your needs.

Got any questions! Feel free to schedule an appointment with us, no compromise, no hidden charges, our main goal is to gain your trust and your business, as we work with your theme- CUSTOMER SATISFACTION IS OUR MAIN PRIORITY!!

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