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When deciding to make your project happen and start the hiring process there are many factors you should consider. After you send out your request to start getting bids on your project, you will see all kinds of different numbers, some might seem outrageously expensive some may seem quite affordable, but before making the big final decisions consider this factors:


- If you start to keenly compare all the bids you receive, you will realize some have additional procedures than the others. For Example: Contractor A might submit the higher bid- but he is following certain guidelines to ensure your project gets completed satisfactory and that you will not encounter problems for the next 5-10 years ( all depending on the products used for painting). While contractor B bid is lower but he is not offering you the same procedures as contractor A- this is what we called Mickey Mouse contractors- they work around really low bids to ensure they get a hold of the project not caring for the customer's longer run problems. Note by no means I am stating that you should always choose the higher bid nor that the lowest bid might be as bad as it seems, you just need to be careful on what the scope of work looks like on the written bid.


-As the one paying for the service you have all the right to ask as many questions as you want. Be sure to ask about paint products, paint procedures, scope of work, time to complete the job etc (this should also be provided to you in a written contract!) Don't feel frustrated by not knowing what's going on in your own home.


-This is the most important of all. Why? For your safety, your property and neighbors safety. Whenever a contractor come by to take a look at your project, keep a note of their company's name and later search them, the internet is a great tool, look for their sites, their reviews, specially get to know if they are licence or not, if they are insured or not. This can save you lots of time, stress and money in the long run.

A licence contractor can guarantee you that all your project phases will be completed- why? Because he has general liabilities and bonds that protect you as the customer. Also, remember that by being licence you already know that the contractor posses all the necessary training and have all the skills needed to guide your project to success. Keep in mind that it's always best to ensure that you are hiring someone you can trust on your property whether you are there during the entire process or not.

This 3 points can help you better organize your project, help you understand procedures and help you choose the right contractor- and always remember in Johnny's Custom Painting, Inc. we are fully licence and insured, for your protection and safety. We also offer free onsite estimates and provide you with a full detail estimate with the scope of work so you can understand what your project entails and how costs are broken down.

Always feel free to contact us!

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