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Exterior House Painting Services

In Johnny’s Custom Painting, we take pride in providing our customers with a high quality painting finish using the highest quality of paints to ensure 100% customer satisfaction.

Exterior hous painting Johnny's Custom Painting, Inc
residential house exterior painting
House pressure wash
Stucco repair before painting
Wood Repair for painting
Touchups inspection
Initial painting inspection or estimate



Pressure Wash

The areas to be painted are properly and thoroughly washed to ensure that the areas are properly dust-free and mold-free. This is a very important procedure, since after the washing problem areas that might need any repair can be revealed and most importantly so that the paint can be properly adhere.    



Areas not to be painted are covered, such as windows, sidewalks, patios, vehicles and plants  to avoid over spray that may damage property.

Any surface that needs repair is either sanded, scrapped,  patch, caulk or replace, whichever is necessary depending the area to be painted and changes are made upon the client’s request.


Areas that are repaired are primed if needed before proceeding to the main painting so that there is a uniform finish.



During and after the work is completed, we carefully keep all areas clean, in the evenings all tools are picked up to avoid danger to tenants or any other people.



After all the work is completed, we carefully take enough time to inspect the work site, to ensure everything is properly done and finished.

The Client is welcomed to inspect the site and we greatly appreciate their feedback

36 months warranty Johnny's Custom Painting


  • Eaves

  • French doors

  • Garage doors and carports

  • ​Gates

  • ​Patios, pagodas, decks

  • Playhouses

  • ​Shutters

  • ​Storages

  • Stucco

  • ​Window bars

  • Wood siding

Services Designed with Your Home in Mind

Johnny’s Custom Painting provides a variety of custom exterior painting services to ensure your home stands out among the rest. Whether you’d like to update your home’s traditional exterior or you’re hoping to present a more modern curb appeal, our team approaches every exterior painting project with detailed knowledge. We are the right exterior home painters for the job.

Transforming Spaces with Precision: Top-Tier Painting and Home Improvement Services by Johnny's Custom Painting in Los Angeles County
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