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Exterior Commercial Painting Services

A top-quality exterior painting of commercial properties requires an understanding of substrate requirements, plus years of experience with local environmental conditions, coupled with skillful surface preparation and proper coating selections. Johnny’s Custom Painting has highly experienced exterior painting professionals that reliably deliver top quality results – all while minimizing business disruption.

With Johnny’s Custom Painting, commercial painting professionals will clearly define the methods and products to best meet your specific needs, work to the scheduling requests of your operations and recommend cost-effective solutions that enhance and protect your buildings for years to come. Johnny’s Custom Painting are committed to deliver a quality experience and professional results on every project, every time.


At Johnny's Custom Painting we believe our work should be of the highest quality possible to assure our client will be more than willing to rehire our services and to recommend our services to potential customers.


We respect the schedule. We arrive at the job site on time and complete each day’s work when we promise we will. If off-hours work is required, or if there are any unique timing needs, we’re more than happy to accommodate them.
We respect the surroundings.
Our work is planned and executed around each property’s specific requirements, with minimized disruption to customers, employees, residents or tenants.
We manage the project so our clients don’t have to.
A job site supervisor is on site during the project to ensure that the work progresses as planned. This enables us to address any issues as they arise and keeps the work on track.
We’ll track our progress for you with and address your feedback along the way. Upon completion of your project, a final site inspection will allow you to review our work in detail.

We specialize in:​

  • Apartments

  • Residential Property Management

  • HOAs

  • Condominiums / Apartments

  • Commercial property management

  • Warehouses

  • Office 

  • Light industrial

  • Retail 

  • Healthcare

  • Hospitality

  • schools

  • Transforming Spaces with Precision: Top-Tier Painting and Home Improvement Services by Johnny's Custom Painting in Los Angeles County
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