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Painter for a Day

Why hesitate to hire a painter in Los Angeles? The common hurdles boil down to two key factors: discovering the perfect service provider and securing the ideal price. Let's overcome these obstacles and transform your vision into reality.

At Johnny’s Custom Painting, we've proudly served Los Angeles homeowners and businesses since 2010. With us, you not only benefit from the expertise of a trusted professional who offers valuable recommendations and exceptional service but also enjoy a pricing structure that truly reflects the time and energy you save. Your satisfaction is our commitment

Your decision to hire a painter in Los Angeles should wait no longer. Seize the opportunity with our 'Painter for a Day' service, available in Los Angeles and surrounding areas, exclusively at Johnny's Custom Painting

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Transforming Spaces with Precision

At Johnny's Custom Painting, we deliver top-tier paint quality and comprehensive home improvement services. Our offerings span residential and commercial painting, covering both interior and exterior spaces. Beyond painting, we excel in wood replacement, plaster and stucco repair, carpentry work, water restoration, pressure washing, cabinet painting, and more. Proudly catering to the entirety of Los Angeles County, we are your trusted partner for transforming spaces with precision and excellence


When you embark on a DIY painting project, the list of tasks seems endless—sourcing supplies, prepping the room, actual painting, and the inevitable cleanup. Opting for a painter in Los Angeles from Johnny’s Custom Painting streamlines the entire process.

We arrive equipped and ready to work, ensuring all necessary supplies are in hand. Efficiently, we prep the area, execute the job with precision, and meticulously clean up afterward. With our daily presence in homes and businesses across the area, we've honed our efficiency through repetition.

Introducing our 'Painter for a Day' service—where one of our skilled, trained professionals arrives at your doorstep with all the essentials for up to eight hours of dedicated work. Collaborate on a priority list for your painting needs, and watch our professional bring your vision to life

our expert gets to work, ensuring a hassle-free experience.

Hire a Painter for a Day to:

  • Paint a guest bathroom or a Room

  • Touch up the interior trim

  • Paint your entry door

  • Paint some accent walls

  • Refresh faded exterior trim

  • Perform minor repairs, such as touching up drywall cracks and repairing water stains

  • Do a combination of jobs for up to eight hours

  • And much more – Just ask us!


The service includes:

  • One professional Johnny's Custom Painting Painter

  • One fully-equipped Johnny's Custom Painting vehicle with all necessary supplies

  • Up to 8 hours of quality painting

  • Paint Provided by customer or + Paint receipt 

  • Custom colors do not apply; Customers must supply custom colors if desired

  •  Rate is good for three days and for each painter. Larger projects will require an estimate.

  • Cannot be combined with other offers

  • For interior paint projects up to 12 feet tall or 1 story house height only

  • May include up to 1 gallon of multi purpose primer and a piece of 5/8 in. x 23-5/8 in. x 23-5/8 in Drywall 

Elevate Your Home's Aesthetic with 'Painter for a Day': An Excellent Solution for Revitalizing Any House. Whether you're a recent mover or it's been a while since your property received some care, Johnny's Custom Painting is here to breathe new life into your home.

Transforming Spaces with Precision: Top-Tier Painting and Home Improvement Services by Johnny's Custom Painting in Los Angeles County
Create your dream home.

Tell us about your project today.

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